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Bollard pull tests - tug boats / drag force measurement
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Bollard pull tests - tug boats / drag force measurement
Recommended models for this application:
RON 2000 Shackle, RON 2125 Shackle, RON 2150 Shackle, RON 2501 Shackle
Relevant options: RS-232 / IP 67 / IP 68
Drag Force Measurement

Dynamometers (load meters) are used for force and load control, including drag force measurement, for example: bollard pull test, drag force measurement of rescue vehicles, plows, etc.

RON dynamometers are especially suitable for traction control and force measuring thanks to their following features:

The RON Dynamometer and load cell series offer separation of the load cell and display, i.e. a remote display that can be read by the driver of the vehicle, tug boat or tractor, etc. in his cabin, in comfort and safety.

RON dynamometers and load cells are specially adapted for the following applications: Force and load control, force measuring, drag force measurement and traction control in off-shore environments; For example: the bollard pull test.RON systems are rated at IP 65 and two higher sealing levels are available:

a) Four special offshore type connectors, in place of the standard ones, which increase the sealing level to IP 67.
b) A higher rating than this is the load cell with an underwater capability option that enables it to be submerged in water (up to 1ft/0.5m), briefly, without causing harm. The sealing level with this option is IP 68.


Ron crane scales, dynamometers, crane load cells and overload detectors are used for weighing during lifting and overload prevention, as well as tension, force and load measurement.

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