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Multi Point

Multi point load monitoring is important in the following scenarios:

Heavy complex lifting:

More than 40 years of experience in load monitoring let to the development of Ron StageMaster and Ron CraneMaster systems: Our advanced, wireless and wired multi point load monitoring systems.

Whether the heavy lifted load is a NASA / Boeing CST-100 Starliner capsule, a heavy plate for oil rig construction, or a heavy truss rig for live events which means that tens of tons of equipment are hung above people, it is crucial to continuously monitor the loads in order to make sure that a dangerous overload is not developing due to unpredictable load distribution.

This may happen due to the phenomena in physics known as “Statically Indeterminate Structure”:

Whenever there are more then two hanging points on a truss or more than three hanging points on a structure, load distribution is unpredictable and should be avoided at all cost.

The way to prevent this uneven load distribution is by continuous load monitoring and taking quick preventive actions when an overload starts to develop.



Advanced Logistics and Stock Management:

Tens and hundreds of load cells collect important information regarding loads and transmit it to control room, where all measurements are presented in real time. Based on this information decisions are taken in real time to optimize logistics, fleet routes, stock management, manufacturing processes, etc.

The solution:


Eilon Engineering’s Ron StageMaster and Ron CraneMaster are the solution for all these applications:

A wireless and wired load monitoring systems which transmits and presents in real time measurements of hundreds of load cells, presented as a real time load map.

This is the solution to real time overload prevention, as well as optimization and efficiency increase in other applications.

The system offers 5000h battery life, months of downloadable reports, groups (each with its own overload and underload values) and set point for immediate E-stop


All Eilon Engineering load cells are fatigue rated, made of aerospace quality steel and offer 0.1% accuracy.


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