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Stage Rigging
Hanging tons of light and sound equipment above people is a serious matter. Unpredictable load distribution might occur and lead to dangerous overload. Continuous load monitoring is the solution for preventing overloads and ensur​ing​ safe events
NASA & Aerospace Industries
Eilon Engineering is proud to celebrate more than 20 years of cooperation with NASAOur two product lines, Ron CraneMaster (for multiple point load monitoring) and Ron Crane Scales (for single point load monitoring) are being used by NASA on several high-profile projects. Our unwavering commitmentto safety and quality allows world renowned organizations such as NASA, United Launch Alliance and Lockheed Martin to put their trust in Eilon Engineering products
Controlled Cable Tensioning
A tension test for measuring cable tension in overhead electricity and communication lines is very important because of environmental influences that often affect the cable length. Changes in cable length obviously alter cable tension and may eventually lead to cable failure.
Weighing in Foundries
In high temperature environments such as foundries, where casting and forging activities take place, there is a need for radio (telemetry) crane scales. 
Overload Prevention
Dangerous hoisting and crane overload situations may occur when the lifted load‘s weight is unknown. However, even when the weight is known, dangerous overload may still occur. For example:
Weighing During Manufacture
Crane scales help to increase efficiency during manufacturing processes as they enable the lifting stages to be utilized for weighing the lifted load. 
Shipment Weighing
Industrial crane scales for below hook weighing help manufacturers to reduce manufacturing costs and improve efficiency. 
Bollard pull tests - tug boats / drag force measurement
Dynamometers (load meters) are used for force and load control, including drag force measurement, for example: bollard pull test, drag force measurement of rescue vehicles, plows, etc. 
Proof Tests
Crane scales, dynamometers hook scales and hoist scales that are used for below hook weighing are often used also for proof test applications. 
Crane Scales, dynamometers and digital load meters are useful for process control and monitoring as they measure forces and loads. Measurement with load scales ensures optimal process operation, as it helps to detect extreme measurements which are indications of undesired deviation from the optimal process. 
Wind Turbines
In recent years, the wind power industry has more than doubled its capacity leading to a doubling in the demand for crane scales as well. Sales of Ron Crane Scales by Eilon Engineering have grown proportionately. 

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