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Destruction Tests

Recommended models for this application:
Ron 2000 Shackle and Ron 2000 HookRon 2125 Shackle and Ron 2125 Hook,Ron 2150 Shackle and Ron 2150 HookRon 2501 Shackle and Ron 2501 Hook,Ron 3025Ron 3050

Destruction Tests

Strength tests are a type of destruction tests that verify the strength of a material or section. The tensile strength test is a pull strength test conducted to determine which loads will cause the material or section to fail. 

Among destruction tests, strength tests are important for safety reasons since tensile strength tests simulate the loads applied in reality, and provide important information on the load that will cause the material or section to fail. 

Crane scales and dynamometers are often used for tensile strength tests. 

Ron Crane Scales and dynamometers are especially suitable for a destruction test performed as a strength test, thanks to the following features: 

Ron Crane scales' small dimensions enable minimum headroom loss which is important for destruction and strength test applications that are usually performed indoors where headroom is often limited.

Ron Crane Scales' small dimensions provide portability which is important for convenient and efficient on-site testing.

All Ron Crane Scales have a peak hold function which is important for pull and tensile strength test applications as it shows the highest value measured. When the section or material fails, it is often difficult to observe the exact load value that caused the failure. The peak hold function shows the highest value which is also the value that caused the object to fail.



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