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Weighing in Foundries

In high temperature environments such as foundries, where casting and forging activities take place, there is a need for radio (telemetry) crane scales.

During the casting process, a specific quantity of additives is poured into the molten material. The telemetry crane scales (radio links) are used for weighing the foundry ladles thus enabling the addition of an exact percentage of additives as well as preventing potential wastage or damage caused by excess molten material.


Using a wireless crane scale in a foundry not only helps to reduce costs and increase efficiency, but it also increases safety as it helps to prevent dangerous overload.

Wireless data transfer is crucial for a foundry crane scale where the temperatures are very high and a cable would not survive the heat.

A very important protection feature for foundry crane scales is the heat shield. Without a heat shield, foundry crane scales and load cells would not be able to operate in the high temperatures.

Ron wireless crane scales and tension dynamometers are available with a high quality, advanced heat shield.

Additional important options:

* Optional thermometer for monitoring internal temperature of load cells and preventing overheating

* Optional average (dampening), helps to stabilize measurements for swinging load.

* Optional additional displays, Large LED displays for low light environments.

Another important feature of a radio (telemetry) crane scale is its ability to neutralize environmental interference that often exists when wireless data transmission is used. If a radio (telemetry) crane scale lacks a neutralizing mechanism, the foundry crane scale may display a false reading as a result of the interference, and this could be very dangerous.

The Ron 2501 Wireless crane scales offer a unique feature: The Ron 2501 crane scale (radio link) is programmed to ensure that the received and indicated value is identical to the transmitted value. If the two values are not identical (for example, due to environmental interference), the system will indicate "Transmission Error". Under no circumstances will it indicate a different value than the transmitted one. This is an important safety feature of our foundry load cells and crane scales.

In order to protect the system during use in hot temperature environments, it is important to ensure short heat exposure time and a long enough cooling phase. The use of heat shield and thermometer are crucial. In addition, it is important to protect the load cell from molten drops of metal.

The positioning of the load cell is also important: If possible, Install the load cell above the crane hoist and cover the foundry ladle. Try to ensure maximum distance between the heat source and the load   


Recommended Models

Ron 2501-H

Ron 2501-S

Ron CraneMaster








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