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Load Cells | Load Cell With Built In Amplifier | Load Cell

Ron 4000C
Load Cell with Built-in Amplifier (4-20mA Output)
Ron 4000V
Load Cell with Built-in Amplifier (0-2V Output)
Ron 4000VC
Load Cell with Built-in Amplifier (0-2V & 4-20mA Output)

Ron load cells are used for weighing during lifting, load monitoring and overload prevention.

Each Ron load cell is made of high quality aerospace steel. In addition, each load cell is proof loaded to 200%, certified, and all Ron load cells are fatigue rated which is very important from a safety point of view.

Ron load cells are small, lightweight and enable minimum headroom loss. These features are very useful when working indoors and when working onsite.

Ron load cells offer extremely long battery life of up to 4000 hours. This feature is very important for onsite jobs that last several weeks or months like live events and world tours. 

Ron load cells are used, in addition to entertainment applications, in heavy industries, aerospace and offshore applications.

They are especially suitable for applications that require a real time load monitoring of a large number of hanging points as is common in live events and in aerospace applications.

Each Ron load cell is supplied with a calibration and proof load certificate

Among Ron load cells customers: Cirque du Soleil, NASA, SpaceX, Disney, GE, Hyundai, Vestas, Siemens, US coast Guard, Lockheed Martin, Tait, United Launch and many others 




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