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Shipment Weighing

Industrial crane scales for below hook weighing help manufacturers to reduce manufacturing costs and improve efficiency. Ron Crane Scales are especially suitable for shipment weighing.

For example:

One of the most common industrial applications for crane scales is weighing incoming raw materials. Using crane scales for this application helps to verify suppliers' reports and also helps to conduct advanced stock management.

All these advantages are gained without any additional effort as this type of weighing, below hook weighing, is done while the load is being lifted anyway.

Weighing outgoing finished products also represents an excellent opportunity adding efficiency . Having an efficient method of calculating the exact weight is important for reduction of transportation costs.

Weighing of shipments can also aid in truck overload prevention

Truck overload prevention is important for several reasons, the most important one being safety. (a) An overloaded truck is more prone to accidents and therefore dangerous.

(b) The driver of an overloaded truck is subject to police enforcement and fines.

(c) An overloaded truck increases wear and tear of the roads.

The Ron crane scale, dynamometer and load cell series for industrial weighing provide ideal solutions, with a wide range option to suit any need.

RS-232: for communication with printers and computers, helps to obtain a weight report in real time and helps to facilitate advanced stock management.


Data logger: Enables logging of all the measurement values and printing them at a later stage.

Totalizer: Enables calculation of the accumulated loads.

Multi point load monitoring: Real time load map of hundreds of wireless load cells


Recommended Models

Ron 2000-S

Ron 2125-S

Ron 2150-S

Ron 2501-S

Ron 2000-H

Ron 2125-H

Ron 2150-H

Ron 2501-H

Ron 3050

Ron 3025








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