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Unique Features

1. Unique Design: 

The Ron 2150 Cranescale and Dynamometer has two exclusive features.
The removable display enables the user to hold the indicator in his hand and use it as a Dynamometer, or snap it very easily onto the load cell and use it as an extremely low headroom Crane Weigher.
A unique combination of the smallest and lightest load cell, with a very large 2" (50 mm) display sets new standards in the Dynamometer market. 

The Ron 3050 is the first and only Crane Weigher available in the market with a double back-to-back display option. This feature ensures readability from any angle. 

2. Ron 2501 special mechanism:

The Ron 2501 wireless Cranescale and Dynamometer is programmed to ensure that the received and indicated value is identical to the transmitted value. If the two values are not identical (for example, due to environmental interference), the system will indicate "Transmission Error". Under no circumstances will it indicate a different value than the transmitted one. This is an important safety feature. 



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