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Stage Rigging

When lifting and hanging stage equipment, even when individual loads are known and thus the total weight on a structure established, there is still a potentially major problem with unpredictable load distribution.

Each time there are more than two supports on a truss or more than three supports on a structure, a Statically Indeterminate loading condition occurs, which results in loads being distributed on a structure in a manner that is extremely difficult to predict.

Consequently, some of the building rigging points, equipment and motors of the stage rigging may become dangerously overloaded, while others, may bear only a small part of the load.

The solution is continuous load monitoring from installation, through the entire show and until tear down.

No sleep or standby modes are acceptable, and definitely not turning off the load monitoring system in order to save batteries.

The one system that is capable of months-long continuous load monitoring is the Ron StageMaster.

40 years of experience and advanced wireless technologies (including projects with NASA at launching sites with extremely challenging conditions) were implemented to create the ultimate load monitoring system: The Ron StageMaster

  •  Fatigue rated: All Eilon Engineering load cells are Fatigue Rated as required by ASME  

  •  BTH-1

  • Safety: Continuous Load Monitoring 24/7/365

  • Battery life: Extremely long battery life up to 8,000 hours - The amazing extended battery life eliminates the need for sleep or standby mode or even worse: turning off the system, which are all unsafe.        

  • Accuracy:  0.1% of full scale

  • Bluetooth capability: Bluetooth compatibility with iPhones / iPads

  • Versatility: The only system that combines wireless and wired load cells in one system   

  • Number of load cells: 200 Load Cells per receiver

  • Set point option for E-stop: Connects to any controller

  • Quick overload prevention: A real time load map allows riggers to easily notice a  developing overload and take immediate preventative action  

  • Data logging: Downloadable reports of months of continuous measurements.

  • Safety Factor 5:1, 10:1 and higher. Capacities up to 300t

  • Transmission range: Extreme Range up to several km/miles. (optional)

  • SMS alert: on overload / underload occurrence

  • References: Chosen by NASA, Cirque du Soleil, Boeing, Tait, PRG, Walt Disney and many others.

  • Experience and expertise: 40 years of proven Wireless Technology


Recommended Models

Ron CraneMaster - Multi Point Load Monitoring

Ron 4000 - Load Cell with Built-in Amplifier







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