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We are celebrating more than 40 years of weighing spaceships, boats, helicopters, rockets, wind turbine parts, rescue vehicles, live event rigs with tens of tons of equipment and more

We even weigh polar bears…

Polar bears travel freely in the Chukchi Sea, between the US and Russia. US and Russian scientists conduct together a polar bear research, during which they weigh them and track their movement, using our Ron Crane Scales.

Ron Crane Scales advantages:

  • Exceedingly small and lightweight, Ron Crane Scales and Dynamometers are high accuracy (0.1% of full scale) portable systems that are perfect for low headroom applications.

  • Offset shackle hole design increases accuracy and safety.

  • Load cell and indicator units are separate for increased safety and longevity.

  • Up to 2000 hours of battery life (up to 4000 hours with additional option).

  • Long Range with verified transmission mechanism.

  • Fatigue rated load cells produced from aerospace steel for safety and long working life.

  • Internal dampening mounts for protecting electronics from external shock.

  • Also available as a multi cell system capable of monitoring up to 200 load cells simultaneously from single or multiple displays.

  • Additional options for data logging, additional displays, serial data output and more.

  • 40 years of measuring excellence.


Recommended Models

Ron 2000-S

Ron 2125-S

Ron 2150-S

Ron 2501-S

Ron 2000-H

Ron 2125-H

Ron 2150-H

Ron 2501-H

Ron 3050

Ron 3025

Ron CraneMaster





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