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Measuring Excellence

Ron Crane Scales - State-of-the-art products based on the latest technologies. 

During the past thirty years, the Ron Crane Scale, dynamometer and overload detector series have gained international recognition for their high quality, reliability, compact dimensions and unique features which ensure the user's safety and convenience. 


Ron Crane Scales - Continual striving for the best quality possible. 

The best raw materials and components together with the highest standards of manufacturing are matched to Ron Crane Scales leading technology. 

All Ron Crane Scales products are produced to nationally and internationally recognised standards under our ISO 9001 quality control approval. 


Ron Crane Scales' customers include Fortune 500 companies and other multinational corporations.

 Alcoa Inc 
 American Spring Wire Corporation 
 Andress Engineering Associates, Inc 
 Arizona Public Service (APS) 
 ATK Thiokol 
 Boeing Aerospace 
 Boeing Satellite Systems 
 Bridgestone/Firestone North American Tire 
 Canadian Parachute Centre 
 Canyon Offshore 
 Carlisle Cranes 
 Cashman Equipment 
 Cirque Du Soleil 
 Coast Crane Company of Washington 
 Coast Crane-Alaska 
 Columbia Rigging 
 Columbus McKinnon 
 Conch Company 
 Connecticut Yankee Atomic Power Company 
 Crane America Service 
 Crane Pro Services 
 Daewoo Heavy Industries 
 Decker Coal Company 
 Decoma International/Tycos Tool & Die 
 Dennen Steel 
 Department of Water Resources-CA 
 Drummond, LTD 
 Duke Energy Standards Laboratory 
 Eastman Kodak 
 Edison Material Supply, LLC 
 Evas Trading LTD 
 Export Oil Field Supply Co. Int'l Inc 
 Fed Ex 
 Fenner Dunlop 
 Fielder Electric Supply Company, Inc 
 Florida Keys Electric Cooperative 
 Florida Power & Light 
Fluor-Daniel (nuclear power plants) 
 Ford Motor Co 
 Gas Transmission NW-Redmond 
 Gator Supply Company 
 General Atomics 
 General Motors 
 GSW Water Heating 
 Gulf States Utilities 
 Hagemeyer North America 
 Halliburton Energy Services 
 Harsco Track Technologies 
 Hawaii Naval Shipyard 
 Heliswiss AG 
 Helmerich & Payne 
 Hoe Ee Marine Pty. Ltd 
 Honeywell Corp 
 Hubbell Power Systems 
 Hyundai Heavy Industry 
 Inter Mountain Rigging & Heavy Haul 
 John Deere 
 Jurong Shipyard 
 Kansas Power & Light 
 Kay & Associates Inc.-NASA Supplier 
 K-Sea Transportation 
 Lloyds Register 
 Lockheed Martin 
 Mann & Hummel AFC 
 Marathon Oil Company 
 Mazzella Lifting Technologies 
 McMaster-Carr Supply Company 
 Motion Industries, NC 
 National Guard-Camp Beauregard, LA 
 National Oilwell 
 New York Power 
 NOAA Fisheries Science Center 
 Northrop Grumman 
 OHM International Corporation 
 Pacific Gas Transmission 
 Paducah Rigging 
 Perry Supply, Inc 
 Pratt & Whitney Engine Services, Inc 
 Procter & Gamble 
 Progressive Foundry 
 Puerto Rican Cement Co 
 Reliable Procurement 
 Reynolds Electric 
 Rice Lake Weighing Systems 
 San Diego Naval Shipyard 
 Sandia National Laboratories 
 Saturn Automobiles 
 Sembawang Shipyard 
 SGL Carbon, LLC 
 Shamrock Supply 
 Shannahan Cranes 
 Shell Canada 
 Singapore Shipbuilding 
 Southern California Edison 
 Stanley Bostitch 
 Stolt Offshore 
 Tacoma Narrows Constructors 
 Technion R&D Foundation 
 Tenaris Algoma Seamless Tubulars, Inc
 Tennessee Valley Authority-TVA 
 Terex Utilities 
 Texaco International 
 Texas A & M University 
 Titan Pulse Science 
 Transocean Inc 
 Tyco Telecommunications 
 United Crane Rigging Company 
 United States Air Force 
 United States Enrichment Corporation 
 United States Marines 
 United States Navy 
 Universal Studios 
 US Army Corps of Engineers 
 US Army-Redstone Arsenal, AL 
 US Boarder Patrol 
 US Coast Guard Cutter Bristol Bay 
 US Coast Guard Marinette, WI 
 US Naval Foundry & Propeller Center, PA
 US Naval Port Hueneme, CA 
 USS Bataan-LHD5 
 Virgina Tech 
 Von Roll AG 
 Walt Disney 
 Washington Public Power supply 
 Wesco SPS 
 Western States Equipment 
 Westinghouse USA 
 Wisconsin Lifting Specialists 
 Zirtech Inc 



Ron Crane Scales - For prevention of overload accidents and reduction of manufacturing costs. 

Ron Crane scales, Dynamometers, Crane Load Cells and Overload Detectors are used for weighing during lifting and overload prevention, as well as tension, force and load measurement. 

Ron Crane Load Cells improve safety as they help to prevent dangerous overload. Ron Crane Load Cells also help to reduce manufacturing costs when used for weighing incoming raw materials, weighing during manufacturing, advanced stock management, etc. 




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